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Welcome to Forward Motion, a site where you can connect with others interested in sharing both the joys and the insanity of writing.

Forward Motion is filled with people working at various stages of their careers -- from those who have been repeatedly published to others starting their first manuscripts.  Our members write in various genres, and people at the site are working on everything from multi-book series to occasional bouts of poetry.

If you love writing, Forward Motion is the site for you.

Forward Motion's core purpose is to help writers become professionally published.  To that end our classes, boards and scheduled chats are aimed at those who are looking for publication.  We welcome serious writing hobbyists  as well, but our purpose and goals are geared toward professional careers.    We do not allow fanfiction posts, and we don't promote self-publishing.

Forward Motion has undergone numerous changes through the years, but the site remains true to its purpose of 'writers helping writers.' 

Belonging to Forward Motion is free, and includes everything you find on the site, from critique circles to classes.

Welcome to Forward Motion

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