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Topic subjectRE: Language and parental filters.
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91652, RE: Language and parental filters.
Posted by NinjaFingers, Thu Oct-11-12 11:07 AM
This is why I hate those kind of auto censors. Unfortunately, short of asking a few schools which words they choose to block...they don't all use the same software.

Fortunately, it's better than it used to be. I administered a forum on Proboards once. Proboards turns on a bad word filter by default. At the time it wasn't smart enough to identify entire word versus parts of words.

I turned it off after it refused to allow a post containing, no kidding, the word 'spoon' because the filter saw the part after the s. (And yes, that IS a bad word, albeit one not used that often).

So, yeah, my advice would be to ask around.


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