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Topic subjectRE: Our 2nd grandson is here!
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9733, RE: Our 2nd grandson is here!
Posted by Chevaliersg, Thu Jan-05-12 10:52 AM
First of all, my prayers and faith that your daughter's total recovery. Second, congratulations, Grandpa!

You know, we talk about how we would all be so happy and lucky and our lives fulfilled if we published.

Then along comes an event such as this to put it all in perspective. Being their for your child as she brings a new life into the world; holding that infant in your arms and knowing you have a new duty to fulfill.

We live on in our children, we are blessed with their presence.

This is the treasure of life. Enjoy.

Life without honor is life led in vain;

Rem tene; verba sequentur (Grasp the subject; the words will come)