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60, Questions and Suggestions
Posted by jschara, Sat Aug-11-12 04:11 PM
Please post your questions and suggestions in reply to this post. The FAQ board is an on-going project, and there will often be updates and changes.
62, RE: Questions and Suggestions
Posted by 1351, Wed Aug-29-12 08:46 PM
Apologies if this isn't the correct place to raise this - I was unable to find anything relevant in the FAQs either here or on the Roving Crits board.

I made a post to Roving Crits (flagged and icon tagged for Adult Content, if that makes a difference) but it's not yet appeared.

Is this likely to be a permissions issue because I don't have posting rights on the board, is it an error, or are posts queued for moderation before they appear?

For the record, I'm using Chrome 21.0.1180.83 m on a Windows 7 system.

Thanks very much.
63, RE: Questions and Suggestions
Posted by CatrinP, Wed Aug-29-12 10:42 PM
It is likely to be an error.

If you didn't have rights you wouldn't see the board at all. Roving Crits is not a private board, but one available to all members. There are no 'posting' rights, just rights to see (and post and edit) boards. Private Roving Crits is an example of a private board that you need rights to see.

There is no moderation before posts get made. A mod might remove a post if it contravenes TOS, but nothing happens before.

I don't have more information on the technical side, so I'll let those in the know have a look in that area.

In the mean time you could try posting again.
64, RE: Questions and Suggestions
Posted by 1351, Thu Aug-30-12 06:20 AM
Thanks very much - while neither of my attempts to post last night worked, it seemed fine this morning.
65, RE: Questions and Suggestions
Posted by jschara, Fri Aug-31-12 10:23 AM
There's one other possibility. If you hit preview instead of post (maybe by accident? I've done that), it wouldn't have posted. Glitches in connectivity are certainly possible. As far as I know, they are extremely rare. Other than that, Cat's got you covered for the other info.