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Topic subjectUsing the 'Read New' Function on Forward Motion
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12, Using the 'Read New' Function on Forward Motion
Posted by zette, Tue Dec-01-09 09:33 PM
You may want to make certain you are caught up on all your favorite forums before you set this function. It will not stop you from going back and looking at older material, though, so don't worry. It will, however, help you see what new has been posted on any of the boards to which you have access. If you are a member of a private critique group, it will show posts there as well.

First, make certain you are logged into the site. Once you are into the site proper look at the header and find User Menu and click on it.

This will take you to a list of things related to your account.

Find the 'Edit Your Preferences link and click it. You'll find a list of changes you can make. Toward the bottom of the page you will find the 'Use MARK time stamp feature.' Click on 'yes.'

Once you have chosen the 'yes' option, click on the update button at the bottom of the list. This will generate a page that shows you all your choices. From there go to either the top button or full lobby button to get you back to the main lobby. (The Read new function will work from any of the boards. You do not have to go back to the lobby page each time to use it.)

You are now set to start seeing only the posts that have been made since the last time you used the read new and mark system. To start, click on the Read New link.

This will generate a list of all the posts that you have not read. The first time, the list will be huge because you have not used the 'Mark' function yet.

In order to clear this list, go back to the banner and click on the Mark link. This will clear the entire list. (See below for clearing individual boards.)

You can also clear the posts from individual boards from the list while leaving the others. In order to do this, go to the board you want to clear and look in the banner. You will find the same Mark function as above. This time, while you are on a board rather than the lobby, it will only clear the messages from that board rather than the entire list.

Once you have used the mark function to clear everything from the list, you need only click on the 'read new' link when you come back to the site and it will generate a list of new posts, arranged by boards, for you to read. This is, by far, the easiest way to keep up with what's new on the site.