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Topic subjectRegistration and Problems
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4, Registration and Problems
Posted by zette, Tue Jan-16-07 07:57 PM
Registration is required to see most of the site. Only members are allowed into the critiquing areas and to many of the classes and help boards. Very few boards are open to the public to both read and post.

Here is a link to the registation page:


After reading the Acceptable Use Policy statement there, click on the "I agree" button and go fill out the form.

Following is a walkthrough of all the options on the sign-up form. You have the option to hide, publish, and update all portions of your Member Profile at any time, except for your USERNAME, REAL NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS. Make sure to choose a username you aren't going to hate.

Login Information -- Required

Username: Usernames are case sensitive. Jane, jane, and JANE, for example, are three different usernames, and if you don't remember which one you chose, you'll have problems getting into the community. It's the same with spaces. You can use them in your username (the community software inserts the default ASCII spacer character in order to read them), but if you use spaces, remember that you did. freddykrueger and freddy krueger are two different usernames.

First name: If you are under 18, you are strongly encouraged to enter your pen name in this space. Over the age of 18, you may do as you like.

Last name: Again, if you are under the age of 18, please use your pen name.

EMail: The community validates e-mail addresses. You must give a real, working e-mail address, because your initial password will be sent to the address that you give.


Typo in Email Address: This happens more than you think. Our Admin account will get a reject message. If the typo is obvious, we'll attempt to contact you to verify the information with what we guess may be a correct address. Sometimes this works. It may just be easier to email the admin account and let us know what you think happened. We'll get you fixed up.

Password Email Got Sent To Spam: This also happens more than you think. If you know where your spam email is held, please check there, and if you find it, add the fmwriters.com domain to your approved email list.