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136, Ana's Achievements
Posted by anavicenteferreira, Fri Jan-08-10 08:19 AM
What I write:

How I write:

Works in Progress:

Personal Progress:


NOVELS: Sangue de Dragão (Ulisseia, 2009)
SHORT STORIES: "Sentidos" (Jornal Público, 2005); "O Elevador" (Jornal Público, 2005)
139, RE: Ana's Achievements
Posted by ezimachia, Wed Feb-10-10 12:04 PM
Hi Ana!
This is some really nice history! Congrats on the sales and Vision articles! Thanks so much for sharing!
140, RE: Ana's Achievements
Posted by RavenCorbie, Wed Feb-10-10 11:37 PM
You've got some great credits there!