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Topic subjectNot quite publication...
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149, Not quite publication...
Posted by Byakko, Fri May-28-10 10:57 PM
But I do have a website created to showcase my writing to people.

Please stop by and have a look if Dark Fantasy interests you.

I don't have much writing up there yet, but I will be adding more as time goes by, and you can get a sense of my writing style as well!


I'm so happy, I've been hoping to do this for quite a while now. And it's turned out gorgeously!
150, RE: Not quite publication...
Posted by ezimachia, Sat May-29-10 09:51 AM
Well, that's wonderful! Glad you accomplished a goal. Thanks for sharing!
151, RE: Not quite publication...
Posted by MarFisk, Wed Jun-02-10 02:12 AM

While I can understand the excitement, I do have to caution you that anything put up on your website cannot be sold as a new work in many of the leading markets. It used to be all, but that's changing. What isn't changing is that first electronic rights are gone.

One story or two is no big deal, but you have to understand what your goals are and be sure that this helps, not hinders those goals.
160, RE: Not quite publication...
Posted by Byakko, Sun Jun-27-10 12:54 PM
Don't worry, the stuff I'm putting on there, I'm writing specifically for it. I won't be putting up anything that I'll be sending out for publication... I know that anything over 10% online is pretty much considered published, if they'll still take it afterward at all.

This site is a place for me to post my some of my writing and a novel that I consider will be unpublishable (While I am trying to remove all "gaming" references from it, the novel at least, is still based on a D&D story and characters... perhaps I could self-publish it, but I can do that regardless of how much I put up on my site).

Plus, it's my own little push to keep me writing. Knowing that people are just waiting for the next installment means that its easier to have BICHOK.
161, RE: Not quite publication...
Posted by MarFisk, Sun Jun-27-10 05:59 PM
Fair enough :). As long as you're going into it with your eyes open. You'd be surprised how many people don't realize posting on their own site constitutes publication.

You never know. There have been some successes going that route, but it requires enough of a draw to catch a publisher's eye, and I know my website doesn't have that.