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167, Chaos scores
Posted by Chaos, Fri Aug-20-10 05:33 PM
Not much, but I´m still happy about it.

The forthcoming issue of Minotaur webzine, which is part of the free role-playing game Mazes & Minotaurs (think of it as Dungeon & Dragons in ancient Greece, because that´s what it was designed to be) will include, doubtlessly among many other interesting things, a new character class, the Sacred Healer, which I wrote up.

Plus I´m working on another article, on how to reconcile the contradictory mythologies of the game world´s various cultures, which the editors has expressed great interest in.
168, RE: Chaos scores
Posted by marti-v, Sat Aug-21-10 07:58 AM
Woo hoo! Congratulations!
169, RE: Chaos scores
Posted by Chaos, Sat Aug-21-10 02:01 PM

It is not a paid publication, but I am happy nonetheless. It is very nice to see somebody thinks that what I write is good enough; I´ve had a hard enough time convincing myself of that lately.
170, RE: Chaos scores
Posted by MarFisk, Sat Aug-21-10 06:08 PM
Hey, that's cool :). Congrats.
171, RE: Chaos scores
Posted by Chaos, Wed Sep-08-10 12:36 PM
Issue 8 of the Minotaur is out now.

Okay, my name is misspelled, but I´m still very happy. And don´t think I have seen this particular misspelling before, so it´s a new experience as well... ;-)

The magazine, for those who are interested, can be found here:
172, RE: Chaos scores
Posted by MarFisk, Wed Sep-08-10 02:11 PM
Yay for it being out, but since it's PDF, you could point out the misspelling and the editor could update the file. Much easier than if it's gone to print :).