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Topic subjectWelcome to the Tribune of Triumphs!
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2, Welcome to the Tribune of Triumphs!
Posted by ezimachia, Mon Jul-14-08 09:34 AM
Hello all! In honor of FM's 10th anniversary, we've got something brand new just for you! For all you pip hounds out there, we've created the Tribune of Triumphs, and it's your own personal trophy case. This is the place to show every pip or accomplishment you've ever earned. And the best part is that you can now cut down on those long-loading signatures and simply add a link to your thread on the ToT page.

Heres how it works...
Start a thread with a subject line that identifies you, then add any pip or text of accomplishments you want. I've put mine out there as an example. But please make sure to follow FM's site rules and use some common sense. If you know what you're planning to post is questionable, just don't do it. FM is a casual community of friends and we'd rather not censor member posts. However, FM does reserve the right to remove a post if it is deemed to fall outside of the TOS.

Once your post is done, copy the web address out of your browser's search bar and make a link in your signature that directs people there. Here's the coding to do that:

What it looks like:
Ezimachia`s Effigy

How to code it (use squared brackets instead of squiggly ones and take the space out from between f and m):
{link:f mwriters.com/community/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=441&topic_id=3&mesg_id=3&page=|Ezimachia`s Effigy}