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31, Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Fri Sep-26-08 04:46 PM
Updated January 7, 2010, and it was sorely needed.

Current Writing Projects:

Revising: The Mirror Crack'd
Progress: Scene evaluation done, but starting the whole thing over with Holly Lisle's How to Revise Your Novel course. Currently noticing major issues about story, character, world, etc.
Next up: Continuing that.

Setting Aside: The Rebel's Assassin

Plundering Freedom

Writing: Pawn to Queen

Progress: Doing a mid-novel evaluation and figuring out the rest of the book, because I got off track.
Next up: Finishing the first draft.

Planning: Unknown -- I need to decide soon, though, for 2YN.

Editing: "The Assignment"

What I write:

Most of what I write is fantasy in nature.

I've written one mystery: Nine Chalices of Blood in 2005.

I've written a lot of poetry, but may not sell any of it. My poetry is very private.

Literary Fiction: The Mirror Crack'd is literary dark fantasy. I'm currently planning a magical realism novel.

Plundering Freedom is a pirate/slave novel taking place somewhere in the 17th-18th centuries.


How I write:

I sometimes use an outline, though I prefer a limited one. I write both without word count and with, depending on the difficulty of the writing. When it's easy, I find focus on word count to be distracting. When it's hard, it's sometimes the only way I get through.


March Madness:

2004: Participated, but only until the middle of the second week, when I realized my students would mutiny if I did not return their September homework by the end of the month.
2005: 89,000 Nine Chalices of Blood, complete mystery novel.
2006: Fan fiction 117,000 words, complete.
2007: 80,223 The Mirror Crack'd, complete literary dark fantasy novel.
2008: 52,947 words of Plundering Freedom, not complete within the month of November.
2009: 50,265 words of Pawn to Queen in November, still writing the novel.

NaNoWriMo marathons:


I successfully completed the Novel New Material, Master Level in October/November 2007, along with NaNoWriMo.

I successfully completed the following October/November 2008 dares: Novel New Material, Master Level; World Building, Apprentice Level; Word Count, Apprentice Level.

I've participated in and succeeded at several Word Count and Editing marathons.

Word Count:




Edit Marathons:




One Fifth Wheel Marathon:

Completed Works:
I'm sure I've written at least 25 poems, although I don't know where they all are.

4 complete first drafts of novels.

Nine Chalices of Blood, completed November 2005.

The Mirror Crack'd, completed November 2007.

The Rebel's Assassin, completed October 2008.

Plundering Freedom completed September 2007.

I'm not using the pip for completed novels, because I want to use the pip for novels that have been revised/edited to my satisfaction.

1 short story written: "The Assignment."

Published/Sold Works:
"NaNoWriMo Your Way" published in Vision:


The Mirror Crack'd

Completed Wanu's Humor class in January 2009. Taught Linguistics course in August 2009.


Nineteen critiques given so far.

Writing Journal:
I do not update it very frequently, though.
32, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by Erin_M_H, Fri Sep-26-08 08:02 PM
Wow, shiny indeed. :D
33, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Fri Sep-26-08 11:39 PM
34, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by ezimachia, Sat Sep-27-08 12:21 AM
That's some nice history--definitely worth being proud of. Thanks for sharing!
35, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Sat Sep-27-08 01:18 AM
And thanks for setting this place up! Now, I might actually start using pips.
36, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by MarFisk, Mon Oct-06-08 05:20 PM
Just wanted to say I love your subject header :). And you're doing a great job of maintaining your nest too :D. Nice list of accomplishments.
37, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Tue Oct-07-08 01:07 PM
Thanks! It just came to me when trying to come up with something. And I feel pretty good about the maintenance and accomplishments, too! So, thank you!
65, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by Aisling13, Thu Dec-04-08 01:40 PM

Your accomplishments are amazing Raven.

Your shinies are a colorful medley of marvelous miracles.

warm regards


68, Thank you!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Thu Dec-04-08 08:19 PM
Thank you very much for your words.
74, RE: Raven's Nest of Shinies!
Posted by Wanu, Sat Dec-06-08 11:57 AM
Hey, Raven.

You've been busy! Very nice. Thanks for your encouraging comments. So, you want to crit more, eh? Can we expect another regular over on Roving?
75, Thanks!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Sat Dec-06-08 02:37 PM
And you're welcome for the encouraging comments.

I am hoping to crit more here, yes, although I do some independent critiquing as well (not for pay or anything, just through a different site), so although I want to get more involved in critiquing on FM, I'm not sure I'll actually end up being a regular ;) Especially since I'm very, very slow at the independent stuff. Not sure why, really.