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5, Valerie's Validations
Posted by valeriecomer, Fri Jul-18-08 11:13 PM
About me:

I blog at Live Simply, Simply Love.

I am represented by Joyce Hart, CEO of Hartline Literary Agency (February '11)

Current Works-in-Progress:

: Treasure's Promise, a novella sold to Barbour Publishing, due August '11, releasing March '12 in a collection tentatively titled Rainbow's End.

My Writing History

I write novels in a mix of these genres:

I've currently completed eight novels and earned more than ten rejections

Complete Novels in Submission:

: Domino's Game (Book 1 of Green Acres Series) With my agent :laugh:

: Joy Comes in the Morning (Chloe) Full out to a small publisher (May '10)

: Majai's Fury (Marks) (Genesis contest finalist 2009) Full out to a small publisher (February '11)

I won NaNoWriMo three years:
2004 - Quest to Be Queen (fantasy)

2005 - Joy Comes in the Morning (Chloe--inspirational romance)

2006 - Off Beat (The Girl Who Cried Squid--YA fantasy)

My writing style is:

I have been a moderator since 2005:

I've had numerous articles and reviews published in Vision:

I have taught various classes in Young Writers' Scene:

In Back to School, I've taught three classes:

I've taught these workshops:
47, RE: Valerie's Validations
Posted by ezimachia, Sun Nov-02-08 03:58 PM
Your page is looking mighty fine! Thanks for participating!
49, RE: Valerie's Validations
Posted by RavenCorbie, Tue Nov-04-08 12:04 AM
Great progress, indeed!
66, RE: Valerie's Validations
Posted by Aisling13, Thu Dec-04-08 01:43 PM

Your accomplishments are amazing and inspiring.
I have benefited greatly from the classes I've taken from you.

Well done!

warm regards