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14, Call for Vision Articles and Reviews
Posted by MarFisk, Sat Jun-09-12 06:07 PM

Call for Vision Articles and Reviews

* Permission to forward granted and encouraged *

Seeking reviews and articles for the July/August/September and future issues of Vision: A Resource for Writers. If you've ever thought about writing a non-fiction article on the topic of the written word, this is the time.

Vision is an award-winning electronic magazine providing articles, interviews, workshops, and reviews that offer information both new and experienced writers would find helpful. The April/May/June issue has been posted at the ezine's new home, Vision, and is chock full of valuable information. It's time now to think about what you could offer fellow writers in the next issue. We're interested in non-fiction articles and reviews of value to writers of all levels. This issue is unthemed, so anything pertaining to writing is welcome.

Think you have nothing to offer? Think again. How do you perform a standard writing task? Have you taken someone else's method and improved on it? Have you come up with something unique that you'd like to share? Did you discover a technique for improving your dialogue? Did you contact an expert for story research who might be willing to do an interview? Do you have some exercises that help improve specific techniques? There are thousands of ways in which your process differs from other writers, and those still searching for the technique that clicks would love to learn how you work.

Is there a resource you go back to frequently for research, because the writing articles are especially informative, or because the market information is up-to-date and reliable? Share your favorites so other writers can benefit. For the July/August/September issue, we currently need a website review, but are happy to receive additional book, website, or product reviews for this or future issues.

All submissions should be between 500 and 2000 words, though longer articles may be accepted. Vision pays $0.01 (one cent) per word up to 2000 (up to $20).

We would prefer to receive the articles and reviews for the next issue by June 10th. However, all submissions, whether articles or reviews, will be considered for any open slot regardless of when received, and for future issues if they do not fit in the upcoming one.

Review Caveats:
The reviews must be for websites, blogs, products, or books that aid in the process of writing whether through providing world building information, writing techniques, marketing resources, or other writing-oriented information. The review can focus on a single site, product, or book, or provide a comparison of resources available around a specific topic. However, you must not have any affiliation with the resources you review. This is to share resources, not for advertising.

The back issues of Vision are available online. To see previous offerings click here: Vision back issues. To see if a book or website has already been reviewed, use this search: Search Vision back issues

Note 1: If you have submitted an article or review and have not received a response, please query. There have been some email issues that have resulted in submissions never reaching us. You can send resubmissions to the reviews address if you suspect a problem with the article address.

Note 2: Feel free to forward this call to anyone you think might be interested.

Note 3: Vision is a non-fiction market. No fiction or poetry will be accepted.

Please read the full guidelines before submitting. They include the required submission format:

Query or submit articles to editor AT visionforwriters DOT com and reviews to reviews AT visionforwriters DOT com.

Margaret Fisk
Senior Associate Editor, Vision: A Resource for Writers