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Topic subjectGnu too
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172, Gnu too
Posted by jules_s, Fri May-04-12 10:38 AM
I guess this is an opportunity to
introduce myself?  

So.  About me:  I've outlived all the
presidents since Truman.  I've been
writing for 50 years or so, and some of
you will no doubt be amazed how little my
writing has improved during that time. ;-)
I don't have any aspirations on being the
next J.K. Rowling, that ship sailed years
ago.  I do take pride in what I write and
encourage others to as well.  

I generally look for SpaG, continuity,
suspension of disbelief, theme, conflict,
characterization, setting, style, and
voice unless the author has asked for
specific other types of feedback.  I'm
also available for some beta reading.

That should cover it for now, feel free to
ask me any questions you might have. I'm
off to crit now...

I've written a collection of short essays,
(humor) several westerns, and too many
non-fiction pieces to count.  Poetry and
Romance are beyond my ken.    
173, RE: Gnu too
Posted by magic seeker, Fri May-04-12 12:09 PM
Hello Jules! :wave: Welcome to FM!

You'll be a great addition to Roving Crits! You look for the things I consider most important.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
175, RE: Gnu too
Posted by jules_s, Sat May-05-12 01:25 AM
Thanks for the welcome, Deb. I'll have to ask for access in roving crits,? yes.???
177, Roving Crits
Posted by magic seeker, Sat May-05-12 11:33 AM
Actually, there are two versions of Roving Crits. One is "public" - meaning only FM members can see it, and all members can post there. The other is "private" and you'll need to sign up for it.

One or the other is going away eventually (or did I dream that?), because having two versions is a bit confusing.
178, RE: Roving Crits
Posted by jules_s, Sun May-06-12 12:54 AM
Confused- check! Got that one out of the way. I'll just wait and see what happens to the note I left asking for access. Maybe I left it in the wrong place....

I'm slow at learning the "navigation" of this format. It's new to me.
179, RE: Roving Crits
Posted by magic seeker, Sun May-06-12 10:35 AM
You asked for access in the right place. :smiley: Zette will add you when she can - she's been having computer problems, and her access fades in and out. The joys of living in the country. LOL! I live in the boonies, too, so I often have similar problems.

You're doing fine with our format. If you have any questions, you can post here (a couple of us watch this panel) or create a thread in Where Do I Find...? (where more people might see it).
174, Hello there
Posted by maripat, Fri May-04-12 06:14 PM
Welcome to Forward Motion! I hear you on
the poetry. I had a teacher say she'd pass
me in the poetry part of my creative
writing class as long as I never tried to
write it again. But that's okay. I prefer
torturing characters. Hehe.

Have a look around and if you have
questions, please ask.

176, RE: Hello there
Posted by jules_s, Sat May-05-12 01:27 AM
Hi Maripat.  I suppose I could squeeze out
some doggerel, but like singing, my energy
is best spent elsewhere.

Thks for the welcome
180, RE: Gnu too
Posted by Dreamerscove, Sun May-06-12 12:41 PM
Looks like you write a nice variety across
genres, with non-fiction too. It's good to
keep the writing-muscle flexible and
strong. And, who knows, you might become
the next world-wide writing sensation. It
can happen. :tongue:

Welcome to FM!