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182, Hello
Posted by ChainsawRaven, Tue May-08-12 12:39 AM
How's it going?

I participate in NaNoWrimo once a year and flounder through a first draft that never sees the light of day when the event is over.

I love telling stories.
I've made it a habit to start writing down ideas so that I can come back to them and pick one to write about.

I like this site and I feel that it will help me to improve my storytelling and writing skills.

My favorite genre is fantasy, but I am also interested in exploring other genres to write about and brushing up on other techniques and skills such as world building.
183, RE: Hello
Posted by CatrinP, Tue May-08-12 03:10 AM
Welcome to Forward Motion.

A lot of members take part in Nano, infact some are taking part in Camp Nano.

It is good too keep a stable of ideas (plot bunnies we call them), but it's also good to finish that first draft and go back to make it better. There are very, very few who can write a story of any length in one draft.

You've obviously already looked around and found some places you think can help you - Techniques and World Building. Roving Crits is another place you can use to improve your writing.

Chat is a great place too.
184, Hello there
Posted by maripat, Tue May-08-12 09:23 AM
Welcome to Forward Motion. Have a look around the site, and I want to also suggest checking out the chat rooms. There are some very helpful members there as well.

If you have any questions, please ask.

185, RE: Hello
Posted by Dreamerscove, Tue May-08-12 02:44 PM
There are a lot of us here who love to participate in Nano each year. So much so, that some of us are doing the Camp Nano's, as well.

Taking that first draft and revising it is another skill set. Take your time going through the site. There are a lot of places to help you on your way. Also, please post any questions you might have. We're a friendly bunch, and we'll be glad to help point you in the right direction.:)
186, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Tue May-08-12 04:37 PM
Hi ChainsawRaven! :wave: Welcome to FM!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.