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Topic subjectMeow =^.^=
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199, Meow =^.^=
Posted by Crystal Chronos, Mon May-28-12 08:00 AM
Hey all found this through stumbling on the magazine. This place is amazing so far. Can't believe I never found it before!

We'll I'm Cassandra but yeah call me Cassie or anything but my full name unless I'm in trouble lol. I've been passionate about writing for years but have just gotten round to taking my first step of plotting a few months ago. Mainly interested in writing in the Fantasy Genre but I might try my hand at something else later down the line. I come from Scotland and have a Persian cat and a completely insane hamster :rofl:
200, Hello, Cassie!
Posted by maripat, Mon May-28-12 08:56 AM
I think all hamsters are slightly touched. At least all the ones my kids have had. Hehe.

Have a look around the site. Be sure to sign up for chat as well, because there are a lot of helpful folks that hang out there. If you have questions, please ask.

201, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Mon May-28-12 11:50 AM
Hi Cassie! :wave: Welcome to FM!

LOL! If I were a hamster living in the same house as a cat, I'd be zany, too.

Hey, my Churchill is a Persian! He says to wave a paw at your cat. :wink:

If you have any questions, about writing or the site, please feel free to ask.
202, RE: Welcome!
Posted by Crystal Chronos, Mon May-28-12 12:34 PM
Thank you both for the welcomes! I will get around to exploring the boards and chat once I have cleaned the house a bit lol.

My cat is terrified of the hamster I think thats whats gone to the wee things head lol.

Oooh I love churchill for a cat name. :)
203, RE: Meow =^.^=
Posted by KatsInCommand, Mon May-28-12 02:16 PM
Welcome, Cassandra. I hope you continue to love it here. Ask if you have any questions. We're happy to help.
204, RE: Meow =^.^=
Posted by Dreamerscove, Tue May-29-12 12:04 PM
We have another newbie! Welcome to the fun insanity that is Forward Motion. Take your time looking around and don't be afraid of jumping into a discussion or starting your own. We love to talk about writing. :)