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223, Hello
Posted by sianablackwood, Mon Jul-09-12 09:59 AM
Now that I've used 'hello' as the subject, does that mean I'm repeating myself if I say hello here as well?

Anyway, hello. I'm Siana Blackwood, or at least, that's what I call myself online. I'm a metal chick, a goat dairy farmer and I'm probably on my way to becoming a mad cat lady. I managed to turn 30 this year without any particular fanfare.

The things I write usually fall somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy and I have fourteen dodgy first drafts sitting on my hard drive (and backed up in various locations ;)). So far I haven't figured out how one goes from "dodgy first draft" to "wow, this looks like a manuscript I'd actually let people read".

My posts may be edited by a tabby kitten.
224, Welcome to Forward Motion
Posted by maripat, Mon Jul-09-12 01:40 PM
I'm glad you found your way here.

I'm looking for a link on an old class on how to revise. So far I'm not having luck. BUT I did dig up these links for you that'll help get you started:




There's plenty there to digest. As you write and revise, you'll learn what works for you.

Have a look around the site. Be sure to also check out chat because a lot of great folks hang out there, too. If you have questions, please ask.

225, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Mon Jul-09-12 03:24 PM
Hello Siana! :wave: Welcome to FM!

LOL! My posts are sometimes edited by an elderly Persian, so I know exactly what you mean.

Maripat has covered all the basics, I think. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
226, RE: Hello
Posted by CatrinP, Mon Jul-09-12 03:24 PM
Only fourteen?

Hi Siana, welcome.

Another place you can look is Roving Crits. Apart from reading other's and the comments they recieve - all helpful in offering support and ways to improve - you can also post some of your own words and do some crits yourself.

There is also Chat. Jump in, ask a question, conversation is sure to flow.
228, RE: Hello
Posted by sianablackwood, Tue Jul-10-12 02:48 AM
Thanks for the suggestions and reading material. I'm definitely going to hang around and ask a lot of questions. I'm aiming to get a second draft of one of the 14 finished by November, which is something that really scares me. I tend to look at them and then slink quietly away to write something new instead.
229, RE: Hello
Posted by maripat, Tue Jul-10-12 08:46 AM
I know it seems overwhelming to revise. My suggestion go through and find the one that really speaks to you.

Good luck!