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Topic subjectAnother newbie
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246, Another newbie
Posted by rosieface, Sat Aug-04-12 12:36 AM
Hello everyone. I just found this place and I'm still poking around, but I wanted to introduce myself in case I couldn't help jumping in to a conversation or two right away.

I write a blog about history and I'm working on a novel, which is turning out to be a very slippery beast. I hope that I can find good advice here, and maybe help another writer or two along the way.

Glad to meet you!
247, RE: Another newbie
Posted by CatrinP, Sat Aug-04-12 05:49 AM
Welcome Newmeat. I mean Newbie.

Take your time to walk around, jump in as often as you wish. This is a big place but we love conversations and discussions.

If you want more immediate conversations, join in to Chat - we don't bite too hard, and we are experts in first aid.

248, Hello there
Posted by maripat, Sat Aug-04-12 09:15 AM
Welcome to Forward Motion! As you write more novels, you'll realize each novel has a unique personality. Some will be easier to write, others harder. Have a look around, and be sure to check out chat because there are some great folks that hang out there.

If you have any questions, please ask.


PS you might want to put your blog link in your signature.

249, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Sat Aug-04-12 11:23 AM
Hello Rosie! :wave: Welcome to FM!

There are lots of friendly people here who love writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
250, RE: Another newbie
Posted by Dreamerscove, Sat Aug-04-12 03:45 PM
Welcome aboard! Take your time looking over the place. There are a lot of nooks and crannies. Jump right into conversations or start your own threads for questions. We love questions.

Oh, and for another source of writing help, be sure to check out the Vision for Writers free Ezine. The link is up top in the header. It has over 10 years worth of writing articles and advice there.

Welcome to Forward Motion!