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Topic subjectWelcome Beth
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30, Welcome Beth
Posted by CatrinP, Tue Jan-17-12 03:01 PM
I'm glad you like the front page message, pretty sure you'll like the rest of the site too.

You might have noticed that out of respect for other author's copyright we don't discuss fanfiction, although we do recognise that others indulge and it is a way of learning writing skills and techniques. Since we are geared to working towards publication we focus on our own stories and characters.

That said, I'm sure you'll find plenty to talk about and plent to share you're discovery of writings with.

The other aspect of Forward Motion you might have notices is that we are going through a massive clean up. We've been around for 10 years and the forums and posts are getting unwieldy and messy. So we're in the process of cleaning up and tidying up. That means you might find forums full one day and empty the next.

Don't fret, we're still as active as we normally are, just loosing some excess baggage.

So come in, have a good look around and join in a few conversations.

Oh, and look in on our chat rooms, a lot of us are there most days.