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Topic subjectA new challenger arrives
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310, A new challenger arrives
Posted by ednigma, Tue Sep-11-12 09:26 AM
Or at least a new writer. Hello, people of this community, may you be blessed with endless inspiration and many sales.

I'm not (yet?) published, but that doesn't hold me back. Writing is a craft, and never once has a craftsman been born to his skill.

It's however more than a craft for me, it's a passion and a major part of my life, and as such I hope to keep writing till my death.

I mostly enjoy fantasy that is not set in your typical middle ages Europe world. I'm currently toying with a fantasy tale set in ancient Rome.

I hope to make friends here, and both help AND learn.

Thank you!
311, Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Tue Sep-11-12 11:54 AM
Hello Ednigma! :wave: Welcome to FM!

This site is a great place to learn new skills. We have classes, challenges, and other boards to help you reach your goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
312, RE: Welcome!
Posted by ednigma, Tue Sep-11-12 12:43 PM
Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate it. Currently I'm most worried about my action and description, I have a few published author friends, and they insist that I'm good with dialogue, but I tend to have little action, and just skip description.

Where would be a good place to get feedback on that?
313, RE: Welcome!
Posted by magic seeker, Tue Sep-11-12 09:13 PM
Try Roving Crits, and/or sign up for Private Roving Crits. I'm not sure how active those boards are (I'm currently smashed by other parts of my life), but Roving is usually a great place to get critiques on short pieces.

If you crit others' work first, you'll normally get more responses, too. :smiley:
314, Hello there
Posted by maripat, Tue Sep-11-12 09:15 PM
Welcome to Forward Motion!

<< Writing is a craft, and never once has a craftsman been born to his skill. >>

That's very true. Writing, revising and critiquing are all helpful ways to build on your skills. If you interested in exchanging critiques I suggest the Roving Critique board.


For getting a jumpstart on writing just for the fun of it, I suggest Justin's Daily Exercises:


Have a look around the site and if you have any questions, please ask.