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Posted by maripat, Sat Jan-07-12 02:28 PM
Hello and welcome to Forward Motion.

<< I don't "crave" writing to exclusion of all else. >>

Truthfully, no one should crave anything in exclusion of all else. Yes, I have seen some folks online that explode on their blogs or on a website because they've put writing above all else. It's not healthy. Most pro writers have many hobbies and family stuff to keep their sanity.

So...never fear. You're all good. Now writing can be a lonely job. Yeah, you can have your word wars and stay in chat or on a IM program. But you are very much alone for a majority of writing. And while I do know of some folks that can take their laptops and writing pads to social activities, most can't juggle both. You might have to give up an extra hour of sleep or TV to follow your dream of writing.

I'd also like to suggest Justin's writing exercises. They're writing prompts. I found them incredibly helpful when I first started here.


Have a look around the site and if you have questions, please ask.