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15, Welcome to The Reading Room
Posted by zette, Mon Jun-01-09 09:45 PM
As authors, we naturally feel a draw to reading books. Many of us have eclectic tastes in what we read and sharing what draws us to certain books can help others decide if it might be something they want to read as well.

When you post, give the full title and author as well as ISBN if possible. You can link to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble if you like. You may post short passages from the work of no more than 300 words. You can quote reviews, but post no more than 200 words and link to the review if possible. (Unless they are your own reviews, of course -- then you can quote as much as you like or link if you prefer.)

This board is to discuss what you are currently reading, to talk about your favorite books from the past and to make recommendations. It's not necessarily a review board, though you can post reviews if you like. Remember to stick to the FM rules. While people can post about books that deal with subjects like politics, religion or war, the discussion must remain firmly planted in discussion of the book and not personal preferences. If someone posts about a book that deals with something to which you do not believe, do not post merely to attack that belief. If you have not read the book, do not post at all.

Do not post spoilers without a warning! Even on books that you think everyone in the world has read.

Be polite at all times! If someone posts about a book he or she loves, don't leap in and post something rude just because you don't like the book. If you are posting about a book you dislike, do so intelligently and address what you disliked without insulting the people who have read and liked it. If any of these posts become shouting matches and flamewars, the people who are being rude will be warned, and possibly kicked, from the site. Discuss books intelligently on all sides.

No attacks on authors. No attacks on books merely because they are popular. If you have not read a book, you do not have the right to post statements about it. (Yes, this is because I have seen far too many such attacks at other sites.) Always remember that people have different tastes and find entertainment in different ways. That's good for us as authors since we need not all try to write exactly the same sort of books.

We also have a LibraryThing group, though it has languished for several months:

Let's discuss books intelligently and enjoy learning what others are reading and why.

Have fun!