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Subject: "RE: IBooks/Apple contract " Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #90383 "RE: IBooks/Apple contract "
Author RavenCorbie     Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to send message via AOL IM
Author Info Member since Oct 17th 2005
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Date Sun Jan-22-12 12:44 AM



In response to In response to 4

That's interesting. I am pretty sure I'm not an aspie, but my reaction was pretty similar. I tend to follow discussions to their conclusion, and my favorite conclusion is one where both me and the other party come to an understanding that is somehow created by our discussion, that we wouldn't have come to without having discussed it (i.e. where we BOTH learn something). I tend to "beat dead horses" without meaning to: I'm never really trying to "win" an argument, but I do like to reach the conclusion rather than just stopping prematurely. I've also had some extremely wonderful religious discussions that made me question things.

On the other hand, I've had some terrible religious discussions that resulted in me getting very upset (yet not showing it). Even online, where I have time to construct responses, I can get very flustered if I cannot seem to respond coherently or logically. I've learned that there are certain ... attacks (for lack of a better word) ... that I can't seem to meet, no matter what the medium, and no matter what decision I come to on my own. People make personal jibes that are hidden behind honest criticism, and I take them too much to heart. For this reason, I'm very grateful for the TOS on politics and religion. I've learned to avoid all such conversations on forums because typically someone enters who gets their nose bent out of joint and takes it out on someone else in the discussion. It seems the more people that get involved, the likelier it is that someone will use the controversy to beat other people down. I much prefer having those sorts of discussions privately, whether through e-mail or PMs or in person. It's also better that way because as I'm learning more about the issue, I'm also learning more about the other person: that part also tends to get lost in full-forum type discussions.

But yeah, I totally get you on the discussion leading to better understanding thing.

And back on topic: I still haven't figured out where I stand on this issue. On the one hand, it seems pretty harmless as it is right now: there's lots of different software, and I think a writer's best option is to use all the software and sell it on all formats. At the same time, I have a cynical bone and dislike anything that moves in the direction of trying to turn people into more of consumers than we already are or that try to limit expression. As it is, I don't have a Facebook and will not have one. I'm just too worried that one day, it will actually be mandatory, rather than strongly suggested.

Part of the problem is that I don't really understand the issue entirely. I know it's been explained in several different ways with several different analogies, but I just don't quite understand it. It sounds like it's saying that if a person creates something on the Apple software they have to publish it through Apple or not at all. What I'm confused on is whether that refers to the specific Apple-software's-formatted version (in which case, you could recreate it in a different software and sell it) or if it refers to the actual creation (in which case, it would be illegal due to the TOS to recreate it in different software and sell it). If the former, it seems harmless, but a step in the wrong direction. If the latter, I would never use that software, but I'm not sure I'd stop using any Apple services altogether (such as Holly is doing). I think if enough people stopped or avoided using the software, it would be enough. But I'll admit that I have very limited understanding of the issue and it could be something else altogether. Looks like I'm going to need to increase my legal knowledge*. I knew that anyway, but I'm still not sure where I'll find the time. I'm having a hard enough time just finding time for writing. (*And I say that because if I can't understand those two paragraphs, how in the heck am I going to understand author/publisher contracts?)

So, WeirdJim - I'd be really happy if you expanded your analogies, whether or not you "win" the argument. It might at least help me understand the issue better, as I'm someone kind of stuck in the middle.

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