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Subject: "Annual Nanowrimo Contest" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #91639 "Annual Nanowrimo Contest"
Author magicalbookworm     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Jun 13th 2002
957 posts
Date Sat Oct-06-12 10:09 PM



Annual Nanowrimo Contest

It's that time again. Nanowrimo!

I'm doing what I did last year.

A Clay Plot Bunny Drawing!

You can sign up starting now, the 5th of October! Sign up ends midnight November 1st! After midnight on the first all entries will be ignored.

The contest is open to everyone, everywhere.

There will be ONE drawing this year. Winners from last year and the years before are more then welcome to sign up. This drawing will be random.

This year if you add blog or tweet about the contest you get placed in for another entry into the random drawing. Please add the blog link, or tweet you talked about this contest in your first email.

How to enter:

To sign up: Email me at magicalbookworm@gmx.com

Place in the subject line Clay Plot Bunny Drawing.

In the main email your Nanowrimo ID. Nothing more until the end of November.

However, if you do link this contest via a blog or a tweet please include that in this email. You'll get another entry into the contest this way.

At the end of the month, you email me again saying you've cross the 50K mark for Nanowrimo. (If you cross 50K before the end of Nanowrimo, please email right away.) You'll have 72 hours after Nano ends to send me an email saying you've crossed the finish line. (I'll send out an email on the 30th to remind everyone!)

On December 4th all names who have emailed me back will be placed in a hat and ONE winner will be drawn out. I'll send out an email and they can pick their bunny!

Now what bunnies can you win?

There are some bunnies here:


That site only has a few pictures of all the bunnies I've made of the years.

Here's a full list of what bunnies I have. If I don't have a picture, there should be one somewhere on my computer I can place up on my webpage.

Some bunnies listed are Version 2 bunnies (white clay then painted.) There are also Version 3 bunnies - those have been made with colored clay.

Holding a Coffee cup
Yellow Pen bunny
Bright Gold Punk
Turquoise Scroll
2 Witch – orange with broom
Witch Green with caldron
Purple Bedtime
Purple Editor
Vampire with cloak wrapped around face.
Vampire with cloak spread
Vampire victim
Murderess bunny
Unpainted (fully white) captain bunny
Purple bunny holding a pen with a stack of papers.
Light purple bunny collapsed on paper.
Yellow laptop bunny
Light green bunny holding books.

Some bunnies have been sold, remade etc etc. if you pick one on the list that I don't have, I'll make one with colors you want.

If you still want a bunny but know that you won't win, then they are
11$ a piece and 5$ to ship please email me (magicalbookworm@gmx.com) or contact me through the website http://creationsbycynthia.webs.com/contactus.htm

I can send an invoice via paypal.

I do make custom bunnies and I do have a great list of ones to make. Any custom orders that come in during October will be done as soon as possible. Any custom orders during November will be created after Nanowrimo is over and billed then shipped after they are created.

Again the email to sign up is

magicalbookworm@gmx.com with Clay Plot Bunny Drawing in the subject line and your Nanowrimo ID in the main message.

Remember - if you've linked this contest via a blog or a tweet please include that in this email. You'll get another entry into the contest this way.

Pass the word!

~~~~~~Signature's Off~~~~~~


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