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Lobby 2. Welcome Good News! topic #9778
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Subject: "New Job!" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #9778 "New Job!"
Author RavenCorbie     Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to send message via AOL IM
Author Info Member since Oct 17th 2005
7824 posts
Date Wed Jul-04-12 12:44 AM



I've been applying for and having interviews for teaching jobs now that I finally have finished my teacher education program. There were times when I didn't think I would get a job, but other times when I thought I would. I guess that's probably normal. The main clue that something was going right is that I got a lot of interviews. I was having interviews almost once a week, and one week (last week), I even had two interviews.

I finally have a job! A teaching job, I mean (I had a job before this, just not in teaching).

I'm so excited. This is a full time high school English position at a Classical Education charter school. I am simply amazed that they picked me, because they're really a great school. I would have thought they would want someone with more experience.

I start next Monday for new teacher training for one week, then there's a week of teacher training for ALL teachers (not just new teachers) after that, and the first day of school is July 23. I'm a little overwhelmed, but really excited.

There's so much support and it's such a positive place. I'm really looking forward to it.

And . . . no more applications!

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