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Mesg #22 "We are changing to a new site system"
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Date Fri Oct-12-12 01:57 PM


Yes, we are about to make a BIG change in the site. In about a week we will be moving to an entirely new system and not long afterwards, these boards will disappear forever. In a few days, you’ll be given a link to the new location where you will have to register and everyone will start over. The boards will be nearly the same (by name), but they are empty. We might copy and paste a few of the important posts over, but for the most part, this is a completely fresh start for Forward Motion.

If there is anything on these boards that you want copies of (critiques of your stories, 2YN material), you must make those copies now!

We cannot guarantee that the material on these boards will be available later.
For the moment, chat will remain pretty much as it is, but expect changes there in the near future as well.

So, we’re preparing for a new adventure! This should be fun!

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Lobby 1. About Forward Motion Announcements topic #22 Previous topic | Next topic
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