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Lobby 3. Motivation Tribune of Triumphs topic #184
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Subject: "Linda Adams's Wall of Excellence" Previous topic | Next topic
Mesg #184 "Linda Adams's Wall of Excellence"
Author Linda Adams     Click to send email to this author Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list
Author Info Member since Feb 05th 2006
1548 posts
Date Sun Sep-02-12 12:32 PM



Sat Oct-06-12 04:30 PMby Linda Adams

10/6 Update: Added 2 new publication.

What I am

+ +

September Challenge: http://www.fmwriters.com/community/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=633&topic_id=1&mesg_id=2&page= Sometimes, there isn't any fanfare.

Books Completed:


Miasma - contemporary fantasy/action-adventure thriller (in progress): Change is riding on the currents for the Makian Islands, bringing the first woman constable and soldier. But the change is feared, enough for a corrupted politician to release an ancient magic to stem the tides. Only Anton Keymas, a goddess-blessed prince, can stop it or be the catalyst.


The New Writer’s Handbook 2007: A Practical Anthology of Best Advice for Your Craft and Career, "On Critique Groups"
Complied by Philip Martin, ISBN-10: 0-9765201-6-8. 2207

Inside Writer’s Guide to Rejection Lessons, "Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate,"
Compiled by Krista Barett. 2007.
Publisher out of business

Voice of a Soldier: Operation Liberty, An Anthology of Heroism, "Clarity."
Compiled by Margaret Marr, 2006
ISBN: 097700502X

Nudges From God, "A Name Without a Face."
Compiled by Vanessa K. Mullins, 2003
ISBN: 0-9713266-7-3

Together We Stand, "Layers."
Compiled by Holly Lisle, 2002
Out of print

Full Circle, "Broken Promises."
Compiled by Teddy Milne, 1997
ISBN: 0938875396
Out of Print


The House of Cats, Concept Art Writing Prompt, IO9
Balancing Blogging and Writing, Vision, a Resource for Writers
Stone Magic Summer Flash Fiction, Writer Unboxed
The Librarian, Summer Flash Fiction Contest, Writer Unboxed
Sand Dollar Wishes, Summer Flash Fiction Contest, Writer Unboxed. It won an honorable mention.
The Mask, Summer Flash Fiction Contest, Writer Unboxed.
Travel Tip, IO Newsletter, Spring
Travel Tidbits, IO Newsletter, Summer
Staying Safe While Traveling, IO Newsletter, Summer
Managing Blogging and Writing, Vision, a Resource for Writers – upcoming issue in 2012.

Organizing a Novel When You’re Right-Brained Vision, a Resource for Writers
Critiquing for Omniscient Viewpoint, Vision, a Resource for Writers
When to Use Your Travel Card, IO Newsletter, Summer
Travel Card Expiring? IO Newsletter, Spring
New Travel Policy, IO Newsletter, Spring

How do I Update My Profile? IO Newsletter, Fall
Got Receipt Overload? IO Newsletter, Winter.

Grateful for a ‘Gift to Any Soldier’, Washington Post
Thriller: Writing the Action Scene, Vision, A Resource for Authors,

The Joy of Thrillers, Vision, A Resource for Authors

Dress Up Your Club’s Website, The Toastmaster

Consequences of Your Characters Actions, Vision, A Resource for Authors
Characters from the Soul, Vision, A Resource For Authors
Promoting an Actor on the Internet, Outfront

Chimera of the Past, Mocha Memoirs
Dealing with a Bad Evaluation, The Toastmaster
Can Someone Steal My Idea? Author Network
The Art of Profanity, The Writer’s Journal (cowritten with Emory Hackman)
Overcoming Writer’s Block, Vision, A Resource for Authors
Image Counts: Your Professional Website, Vision: A Resource for Authors
Hits and Visits 101: The Myths and Realities of Website Statistics, Vision: A Resource for Authors
Action Clichés, Author Network
Formatting Your Manuscript, Author Network
Head Hopping, in Bahamas Writer Newsletter
Dialogue Tags, Bahamas Writer Newsletter
Formatting Your Manuscript, None the Less Press
Setting, The Essential Character (co-written with Emory Hackman), The Writer Gazette
More Than Just a Name (co-written with Emory Hackman), The Writer Gazette
The Submission Letter (co-written with Emory Hackman), The Writer Gazette
Creating Successful User Manuals, The Writer Gazette
Overcoming the Challenges of Schedules, in The Toastmaster

Creating Better Slide Presentations, The Toastmaster
Creating Better Slide Presentations, Freddie Mac Intranet
Promoting Your Club’s Website, The Toastmaster
The Importance of Being Grammarian, The Toastmaster

Necessary Evil, Vampire Dan’s Story Emporium
Threads and Wishes, Lost Worlds

Blue Herons

Lonely Voices, Athena
Disfigured, Nothing More, Lost Worlds
Make Those Words Count, The Toastmaster
513TC Operation Iron Thunder, Northwest Guardian
Safeguard Your Writing, Just Write

Territory, The Plaza
Blue Herons, The Plaza

Collector Aware, Collecting Hollywood

First Smile, The Plaza
593rd Off to Belgium, Northwest Guardian
Dining Facility Opens, in Northwest Guardian
Support Units From Europe Arrive, Northwest Guardian
New Units Arrive Here, Northwest Guardian
ACS Relocation, Northwest Guardian

Desert Storm Writer, in Gotta Write Litmag

Art Show Scheduled for Monday, The Valley Star
Daily Review Changes Name, Frequency to Boost Circulation
No Weigh to Live, The Valley Star
Films, Activities Focus on Jews
Fighting the Losing Battle, The Valley Star

Class Completions

~~~~~~Signature's Off~~~~~~


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