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What are the restrictions on the different types of boards:
  1. Public -- Open to everyone to read and post
  2. You must be a member and logged in to Forward Motion (not chat) to post on anything but the public boards.

  3. Protected -- Can be read by everyone, but only members can post.
  4. Restricted -- Only members can read and post.
  5. Private -- Only selected members can read and post. (These are mostly the private critique groups.)

Here are the FM Members taking part:

How to join:

Do you like to write really short fiction? Here is your chance to join in a weekly flash fiction exercise. There are only a few rules:

1. The fiction must be 1000 words or less (not including the title or byline). Some people like to limit flash fiction to 500 words. Feel free to do so!

2. The material must be posted on a blog or like site.

3. The total number of words must be posted at the bottom of the story.

4. You must post a link to the Forward Motion Flash Friday list (which will be created after we have some people sign up). The link should be at the bottom of every story.

You can write whatever genre and subject fits your mood. Just remember that a Flash Fiction piece is a complete story, with a beginning and an ending and not fragments of stories.

You do not have to take part every week, but if you go for four weeks without posting a flash fiction story, your link will be removed. You can be reinstated later if you want to rejoin.

If you would like to join, email us with your website url to Admin