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Tamara Siler Jones

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Ghosts in the Snow
by Tamara Siler Jones
Mass market paperback from Bantam Spectra, ISBN #0-553-58709-9

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For Dubric Byerly, head of security at Castle Faldorrah, saving lives has become a matter of saving his sanity. A silent killer is afoot, savagely mutilating servant girls and leaving behind no clues and no witnesses - except the gruesome ghosts of the victims. Ghosts that only Dubric can see.
Caught in the eye of the grisly storm is Nella, a linen maid working to free herself from a dark past if she can survive an invisible killer's rampage. But with the death toll rising and Nella under the protective wing of a man who may be the primary suspect, Dubric must resort to unconventional methods. With the future of Faldorrah and countless lives at stake, including his own, he can't afford to be wrong. And if he's right, the entire kingdom could be thrust into war.