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Illuminated Manuscripts
Edited by Lazette Gifford

ISBN: 1-55404-287-9
Genre: Fantasy/SF - Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 184 Pages
Published: August 2005
Imprint: Double Dragon Publishing

Includes Forward Motion Authors:

Cheryl Peugh

Fred S. Dobson

Lazette Gifford

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The Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology is a collection of ten wondrous and magical tales ranging from epic to contemporary and from fairy tale to historical fantasy. Within this collection you will find pretty tales, dark tales and stories that might have you looking for magic in your own world.

The anthology includes both new and established authors, each with a wonderful touch for making fantasy seem real. These enchanting tales lead you into worlds filled with dangerous creatures, enchanted swords, and powers used for both good and evil -- and love lost and found. Come and take a walk down the paths where these stories lead, and enjoy the adventures you find along the way -- but do be careful. Magic is dangerous....



Left Horse Black  (The Sorcerersí Twilight Book One)
by S. J. Reisner
$26.99 Hardcover ISBN -1-59507-089-3 
$3.99 E-Book ISBN - 1-59507-090-7
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NOTE: Hardcover available for order 7/21/05 in all bookstores, available from online booksellers 8/15/5, and from the publisher directly (at 25% off. E-Book available now only from publisher.



For centuries, the zealot Kersian sorcerers have abducted innocent women and children for sacrifice to their 'no name' god, and have waged war upon Danaria's sorcerers. Now, they are covertly usurping the thrones of human-ruled kingdoms to do the unthinkableóbuilding a massive human army to assist them in destroying Danaria's sorcerer bloodlines in an attempt to save their own.
Armed with nothing more than meager weapons, untrained sorcery, and mere instinct, a troubled human prince, an inept Danarian sorceress, and their friends, rise up and become the world's last hope to stop the Kersians, and save the sorcerers' dying race.


Ghosts in the Snow
by Tamara Siler Jones
Mass market paperback from Bantam Spectra, ISBN #0-553-58709-9

Sample chapter

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Other material by Tamara Siler Jones
For Dubric Byerly, head of security at Castle Faldorrah, saving lives has become a matter of saving his sanity. A silent killer is afoot, savagely mutilating servant girls and leaving behind no clues and no witnesses - except the gruesome ghosts of the victims. Ghosts that only Dubric can see.
Caught in the eye of the grisly storm is Nella, a linen maid working to free herself from a dark past ≠ if she can survive an invisible killer's rampage. But with the death toll rising and Nella under the protective wing of a man who may be the primary suspect, Dubric must resort to unconventional methods. With the future of Faldorrah and countless lives at stake, including his own, he can't afford to be wrong. And if he's right, the entire kingdom could be thrust into war.
Bounty's Stepchild

by Justin Stanchfield

52-page saddle-stapled chapbook (Military SF)

Scrybe Press
ISBN 0-9748340-2-5

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Other Material
by Justin Stanchfield


There are no clocks in the Well, no day or night. If you wake up, you weren't dead yet.

On a far-flung planet, men and women pay the penalty for their Earthside crimes. Petty theft or assault, it's all the same, their bodies and minds are forfeit. Used as hosts in a never-ending war against hostile aliens, they are given a cybernetic Assist--an interface that links them to the dead whose personalities, skills, and knowledge have been eternally preserved. Everything that belongs to the prisoners--their bodies, their wills, their thoughts--is subjugated by these Assists. But without them, the prisoners are helpless, unskilled, uneducated cannon fodder on a deadly battlefield.
Warlord Metal

by D Jordan Redhawk

Trade Paperback, Contemporary Lesbian Romance, 202 pages

Fortitude Press
ISBN #097181502X


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Other material
by D Jordan Redhawk


The heavy metal band, Warlord, is in need of a new guitarist. Only one applicant stands out - a jewel in the very rough - Torrin Smith. She has the ability to make her guitar sing her soul - a sinister and shattered cry.
Sonny Middlestead, little sister to a member of the band, is making her way through high school in accelerated learning classes. Her days are filled with education, her nights with rock and roll. An aspiring journalist, she spends a good deal of her free time writing in her diary.
The two meet - dark and light, anger and love - with both disastrous and remarkable potential. Will Torrin be swept away by her substance abuse, unable to release her fury or accept the brightness of another's heart? Can Sonny find a way to heal a broken childhood, to make up for a lifetime of injustice and hate?
Only time will tell.
Castle Walls

by D Jordan Redhawk

Trade Paperback, Fantasy, 148 pages

Fortitude Press
ISBN #0974137812


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Other material
by D Jordan Redhawk


Princess Sabine Katerina Annaatje of Dulce is on the run outside the castle walls from a vicious invader who has killed her entire family and usurped her fatherís throne. With only one man at arms and a faithful handmaiden, she barely escapes the invaderís clutches as he has vowed to leave no blood heir alive.
Stumbling into a camp of itinerant performers, Sabine hides her identity, becoming Katerin of Aimsbury. She learns to trust the leader of the traveling circus, Ros Adamsson, a bawdy woman who is half-rogue and half-gentlewoman. Trust may eventually blossom into more if Katerin can overcome her fear and conservative upbringing.
Meanwhile, the invader is still searching for her. A rumored uprising in the Dulce Province, a royal summons for the Adamsson Circus, and a traitorous servant all collide to reveal a secret even deeper than Katerinís identity.
Triangulation 2004: A Confluence of Speculative Fiction
edited by Barbara Carlson

Fantasy and Sf
Print Publication

Featuring stories by FM members Margaret Fisk and Wen Spenser

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Other material
by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

A 144-page anthology of speculative fiction by PARSEC members.
Contents: The Space Race by J.F. Benedetto, Another Man's Meat by Wen Spencer, Well Met by Moonlight by Judith A. Friedl, Infrared/Aware by Susan Urbanek Linville, The Down Elevator by Dorothy Stone, A Question of Belief by John H. Branch, Hard Port, Easy Money by Anders Brink, Merlin and Vivian - Monologues in the Whitethorn Bower: Then and Now by Lynn Hawker, The Gray War by Larry Ivkovich, Hard Port by Henry Tjernlund, Alpha and Omega by G.N. Shannon, Chasers by Scott W. Baker, (Can't Get No) Satisfaction by Kevin Hayes and From the Ashes by Margaret McGaffey Fisk.
Cloaked Temp Cover Cloaked in Shadow

Print Publication

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Other material
Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Inside this anthology you will find elven assassins, kidnappers, and conspirators. You will find elves who are who are reaching from beyond the grave and those who are throwing away the heritage of their wood-addled brethren. And you will find human beings who are struggling to survive as they find themselves caught up in the games that Sidhe play.
Teach Yourself Linux
Robert Billing

Nonfiction, Computers
Print Edition

£8.99 UK, $11.95US
UK edition published by Hodder ISBN 0-340-81204-4

US edition published by McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0071439730

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Available in stores

Other material
by Robert Billing


Are you looking for a low-cost, high reliability operating system? Do you need help getting to grips with open source software? Teach Yourself Linux is a complete guide to obtaining, installing and using Linux. If you can use a keyboard and mouse this book will show you how to move to the system that is revolutionising computing.

Honor Bound

By Lazette Gifford

Science Fiction
Print Publication
57 pages, two stories: For the Honor of the Hunt, Playing with Fire

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Other material
by Lazette Gifford

From the back cover:

A talented writer with a gift for worldbuilding...
CJ Cherryh

Blood, bullets, knives, explosives and a genderbender twist---with a healthy dose of heart. Works for me.
Jane Fancher

Lazette Gifford writes edgy, make-you-think tales -- tough people in hard, strange places facing big trouble. And these two stories are some of her best -- excellent through and through --
Holly Lisle


Without a Fear of Words

By Lazette Gifford

Nonfiction (Writing)
Ebook Publication

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Over the last eight years I have found that I have a lot to say about writing. Most of this expression comes from being part of Forward Motion, a community of writers that now tops 5000 members. People at the site ask questions about writing and sometimes my ideas help them. It surprises me.

Four years ago I had this brilliant idea called Vision: A Resource for Writers. After the creation of the ezine, I started receiving great articles from a number of talented and wonderful writers. However, I still had to come up with even more ideas about writing and actually... well... write them.

What you find here are articles (most of them from Vision) on aspects of writing that have worked for me. These articles may not work for you, and you may not even agree with many of the things I say. Writers are not all one breed, after all, and what works for me will not work for every other writer.

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