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Writing Pips, Forward Motion Community

Pips are fun graphics added to your signature to indicate various aspects of your writing life. There are pips for completing writing challenges, dares, workshops, and classes. Still others for numbers of short stories or novels completed, how many sold or published. Actually, we have pips coming out our ears!

A few notes about how they work.

  • All of these pips are on the honor system. No one is going to check up on you. But you won't be able to cheer for the completion of your first novel if you've been running around with a five-novel pip for six months. Don't cheat yourself -- every milestone in writing matters, and the earliest ones are some of the most exciting and the best.
  • These aren't Roman numerals -- you don't add pips to give an exact count.
  • Special pips -- if they apply, add them to your sig.
  • No-Spaces Pips: For some pips to work properly there must be no spaces between the first and second pip. Here are instructions on how to do this.

Have fun, wear your pips with joy and anticipation.

Here's how to add them to your signature, or a post on the board.

Find the appropriate pip. Simply Right-click (or Mac-key-Click) on the image you like, Copy Shortcut, and paste the link into your post or signature (which is controlled in your "User Menu" under the "Edit your profile" option). That's all there is to it. You can line them up any way you like -- we have no special order of display.

Older pips can be found on the Writers' Gif Archive page. They have been moved to improve page loading but are still available and require no change to your signature if you already have them linked.


Main Pip Categories

Make Your Own Progress Pip

Progress Bar (example displayed):

Increments for cumulative pips

Use these to indicate when you have achieved a challenge multiple times but there is only one pip available.