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TOPIC: Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms 7 years 9 months ago #979

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The site has many chat rooms as part of the system. Please note that we have rules about using these rooms. The link to the chat rooms is in the header for the site.

Here is a list of the various rooms and the number of people allowed in each one:

General Chat 50 (mirrored in General Chat 2)
Writing Only 10 (mirrored in Writing Only 2)
Word Wars 10
Cozy Chat 10
Tiny Chat 5
NaNo Chat 50
Conference One 50
I Love Writing 12

There are also some private rooms. You can request such a room for a private critique circle, but remember that the rules of the site still apply. If the room is not used regularly, I may remove it and you'll have to request a new one later.

Of all these rooms, Writing Only is the only one with a specific rule against random chatting. People come to this room to have a little company while they write or to discuss specific writing problems. While the chat is bound to range out of that rule sometimes, it is important to remember that you do not come to this room (or the mirror version) just to chat with others.

Moderator Warnings : If a moderator tells you to quit some behavior and you persist you will be removed and banned from the chat rooms.

About Our Chat Room Culture

Our chat rooms are unlike those you'll find most places on the Internet, and behavior that is considered acceptable elsewhere will quickly mark you as an outsider here. The following guidelines will help you fit in faster.

Do not ask....

Don't ask chatters for either their location, age or anything else that might be considered personal. Since the site welcomes younger members, we are very careful not to make them targets from predators. Never volunteer this information to strangers on the Internet.


Members in our chat rooms hold actual conversations, which means our live rooms are some of the few on the Internet where people are expected to have something to talk about and to take the time to say it well. Typos and errors are as inescapable, but our members don't use much of the abbreviation-laden chat-speak you'll find elsewhere. We're writers and our objective is to make certain we express ourselves clearly.


When someone is snippeting part of their work in chat, there are a few things to remember:

1) If you want to snippet, please ask for permission first. You will most likely get an unequivocal yes, but it's polite to ask nonetheless.

2) Once you've finished, indicate so with an extra line that says "end" or something similar.

3) Please do not snippet more than a few lines of text.

4) Please don't interrupt a snippet in progress. Wait for the "end" sign to say something. (However, people do drop in during a snippet and don't realize, and that's inescapable, but please don't welcome the person until after the snippet.)

5) Please ask the poster if comments are welcome. Some people just want to share what they enjoyed writing and don't want a critique at this point. You would do more damage than good just barging in with one.

Have Fun

While this probably sounds like a lot of rules, they're really quite easy to follow. The most important thing to remember is just to be polite and to have fun.

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