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TOPIC: Um...Hi!

Um...Hi! 5 years 1 month ago #14651

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I'm new, totally new, to FM, and to the "act of trying to find my audience/get published."

My name is Laura, but my username says it all. I am sorta dabbling in this, to figure out how awful my writing is. If it is truly awful, I'm going to stop writing at some point.

My fiction is bizarre. I've been trying "to place it" for years. I have written three books that are straight up fantasy ( two for kids, and one YA). I have also finished the first book in what will be a trilogy for adults. But the adult trilogy is even weirder. It straddles genres, and makes me confused as to what to call it. It's not steampunk, because I am not writing about steam-powered machines, nor the 19th century. This trilogy is not urban fantasy, either. I know that Neil Gaiman, and now,recently, Jacqueline Carey, are writing in this genre. The trilogy I am writing, I believe, doesn't have much of those elements. ( I could be wrong, though, and most likely am).

What I've got is a mash-up of fantasy with reality, with some sci-fi elements in there,too. I'm writing what I have seen for years in my head, courtesy of a hyperactive-imagination.

I came here because I don't know what to do now. I've been writing since I was 13. I've sorta stalled out 1/3rd of the way through this second novel in the adult trilogy. I've been told by parents, friends, etc., that I do not "have an audience." Having an audience seems to be essential to getting anyone to read a story. I guess my audience has been just myself. I know what I would like to read, if I pulled a fiction book from the shelf. These days, it is all paranormal romance, vampires, werewolves, aliens taking over bodies, steampunk merging with sci-fi, urban fantasy, dystopian worlds of repression, wizard schools, and dark fantasy. I would like to read a fantasy/sci-fi/reality story all warped and fused into one. My short stories vary, but are a composite, too. I'm fracturing old tales with my own thought process, or producing new ideas, and adding more wacky, "what-if stuff" that bubbles out of my brain. I have a background in the sciences, from receiving two science degrees. This science stuff (very much reality-based) also ends up in my stories. It's all blended there, together. How do I find an audience for this? Again, I have no clue.

I know nothing about marketing. I visited FM last year, but only to skim the forum. Back seven or ten years ago, I read Holly Lisle's Talyn. Now I see that the writing world has drastically changed. Large publishing houses and small publishing houses ( which once were mainstays), are giving way to indie publishers (self-publishing?). So I'm basically scared of what I've done. I've spent years writing, and finding my voice. Yes, my voice has been found, but I'm still lost. While the stories are very real in my head, and come out on paper, there is no, haha, forward motion. No one has enjoyed them but me...and stories are literally meant to be shared. It's an inherent quality of them.

I'm here, because I need HELP!!! Right off the bat, I need to be told whether I am any good at all. If I am any good, I need critiquing to improve existing stories. I really need to be told what "genre" I am writing. And any advice on what direction to go with publishing (in this scary climate) would be a real blessing to me.

I've been stuck in limbo for years. I want an exit, now.

Thanks very much.
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