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TOPIC: Greetings

Greetings 5 years 2 weeks ago #15216

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I stumbled across this site recently while trying to find encouragement and help with writing. Things look promising, so I decided to sign up and see if the shoe fits.

A little about me . . . I have done some writing in my time, though outside of essays and term papers for school, I have only managed to complete a few handfuls of poetry. Over the years I have always had shadows of story lines and whispers of characters in the recesses of my mind, but nothing solid on paper. I attempted to write a novel only once, ultimately surrendering after my computer crashed and ate all six or seven chapters I had managed to spin out of my first draft. Though I hadn't returned to try and resurrect those lost chapters, I was never able to shake those shadows and whispers. I feel oftentimes that they are waiting for me to write them down. I feel that I have let too much time slip by without giving another try, or rather, a REAL try.

In the gulf of time since my first attempt was swallowed up by my computer, I have worked through school as a psychology major and taken on a job or two putting my schooling into action. I am currently going through the process of filling out applications for graduate school to take the next step and become a psychologist, where my ultimate dream life would see me splitting my time as a therapist and writer. My passion for psychology (mainly how and why people think and act in the ways that they do) and my life-long interest in writing seem like the perfect marriage.

So I am at a time in my life where I want to turn aspiration into realization. I want to bring those shadows and whispers out into the open and give life to the characters and stories I know I have within me. My problem now is getting those thoughts onto paper and finding a way to feel organized. My thoughts are like so many leaves caught up in the wind, when all I want to do is rake them together and form something that could pass as a novel. I feel scattered, and I also feel intimidated and lacking in confidence. I hope that by getting to know this site and the people who populate it, I can find the confidence I need to get everything in order and start putting words to paper.

Right now, I have an idea for a novel that has been whirling around my brain long enough for me to see more than just a chapter or two down the road. But outlining is daunting to me, and I hope to learn how others make that jump from initial idea to working novel. I hope I can be as much a help to anyone else as I'm looking to get here as well.

I'll be checking out the site to get my bearings, so bear with me. My interests are many, but I'd say that my writing seems to fall somewhere within fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery and psychological thrillers. I know I've gone on for a bit, but I do hope to have a chance to see you all along the way.

Psy Guy
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