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Hi! 5 years 6 months ago #4972

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Hi! I found my way here by way of the Nanowrimo forums. 2012 was my second winning Nano year and I'm hoping to push a little harder in 2013.

My biggest problem: Two words - Plot. Bunnies.

Anything can set it off. Honestly, anything. A couple of days ago my (lovely and very understanding) husband said the words animal and soul - not even in the same sentence, mind - and the next thing I know I'm building a world where human and animal souls share bodies. *sigh*

Then, there is the research. Oh the research: "What's that, my character needs to know how to fight with a sword? Okay, I'd better find out about just how to take proper care of a sword, after all, He's going to have that sword for a while... he'd better keep it sharp."
4 hours later...
*Yawn* "All that researching has made me a little tired, maybe I'll just leaf through my other stories and see if anything grabs my attention. Yikes! That woman needs to carry a gun concealed under a formal dress... Hmm I wonder how that would best be achieved?"

My goal for 2013 is to get some of the many WiPs I have on the go finished. They're all there in my head, I just need to stop researching and keep the plot bunnies at bay long enough to actually get the words out!


I tend to write somewhere in the realm of Thriller/Fantasy/Romance, depending on mood and a few other factors. I sometimes try to wander into another genre but I always inexplicably end up with one of those three no matter how hard I try to write a Space Opera or Chick Lit. :P

I've signed up for the 2 year novel course, which looks like it will be great fun.
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