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ID Author Firstname Author Lastname FM Member Name Second Author First
Second Author Last
Genre Book Title Link Word Count Release Date Language Anthology?
1 Deb Salisbury Magic Seeker nonfiction Elephant's Breath & London Smoke Click to Visit 2009 english no
2 J.A. Marlow J.A. Marlow scifi Dead Run Click to Visit 9600 06-27-2013 english no
3 magicalbookworm Click to Visit english no
4 Christine Kwasniewski adora2012 scifirom Home is where the heart is Click to Visit 140000 January 2013 english no
5 Christine Kwasniewski adora2012 scifirom 'Til Death Click to Visit Aug 2013 english no
6 S.E. Batt MrGrey humor Demonic Dilemma Click to Visit 8000 06-28-2013 english no
7 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers scifi Transpecial Click to Visit 79.000 4/26/2013 english no
8 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers scifi The London Incident Click to Visit 4,464 9/23/2011 english no
9 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Ed Greenwood Ed Greenwood scifi First Contact - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 Click to Visit 6/5/2011 english yes
10 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Gary Cuba Gary Cuba scifi Dark Stars: The Year's Best Science Fiction Short Stories Click to Visit 12/23/2012 english yes
11 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Juliana Rew Juliana Rew scifi Universe Horribilis Click to Visit 2/21/2013 english yes
12 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Roby James Roby James scifi Warrior Wisewoman 2 Click to Visit english yes
13 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Jessy Marie Roberts urbanfan Twisted Legends: Urbanized & Unauthorized Click to Visit english yes
14 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Roby James scifi Warrior Wisewoman 3 Click to Visit english yes
15 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Dr. Pus horror The Zombist: Undead Western Tales Click to Visit english yes
16 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Bill Tucker horror Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead Click to Visit english yes
17 Jennifer R. Povey NinjaFingers Carrie Cuinn fantasy Fish Click to Visit english yes
18 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell althistory The Bad Seed Click to Visit October 2012 english no
19 Kate Winters Indirectly thriller Glow: Initation Click to Visit 60,000 7/20/2013 english no
20 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell fantasy A Trio of Animal Tales Click to Visit February 2012 english yes

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